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We have collected some tips you could use when playing the slot machine. No, we are not going to say you will win everything when you read this, but it will help you. Here are some tips to play.

  1. Decide which profit you want to end up with.

Give yourself an amount and make sure that you also comply with the agreement that you make with yourself. By making the profit you should check yourself if it’s realistic and achievable, otherwise it is counterproductive.

2. Don’t play with the auto play feature.

We know; it sounds very attractive to pay for 250 of 500 plays and go do something else while you are playing, but you lose focus. Maybe you had the jackpot at 225 now you’ve lost it because you weren’t paying enough attention. You don’t want to take that risk, right?

3. Avoid progressive slot machines

Games like Mega Moolah and Divine Fortune provoke players with jackpots up to millions. It sounds very interesting and easy, but you have to watch out for your money. A big part (like 8%) is used to pay the jackpot. This is a lot and there is a little left to distribute among the players. The chance of winning the jackpot is nil and the chance of losing a lot of money is almost 100%.

4. Try to play on slot machines with a medium variation

Slot machines with a low variation are a threat to your balance. A low variation means a bigger chance to win something, but those prices are usually low and less than your bet. It seems like a fun game to play, but what happens is that you slowly spending your money without actually winning anything. You can compare it to go 3 steps forward and 4 steps back. With the medium slot machines you don’t win as much as the low ones, but when you win it is something which is worth it.

Tips to play an online casino
  • 5. Play on slot machines with high pay-out percentages.

Compare two banks with each other. One with an interest of 1% and the other with 5%. Which one would you choose? Exactly, that’s what we thought, because a 4% difference is huge. However, most players don’t seem to look at the pay-out percentages of a slot machine.

6. Say no to the welcome bonus.

It sounds very interesting; a nice budget on your account when you start playing, but it’s not what is seems like. If you want to win some you’d better refuse them. Nothing in this world is for free and certainly not money. The rule is mostly that you first have to win the budget a few times around before you get access to your money and when you win some you lose some. So you better start with nothing and end with a good price.

7. Don’t use the fast spin.

We see this more and more nowadays, the possibly to spin faster. This option makes you lose the focus which makes it hard to think down to earth. People get frustrated and handle from emotion instead of mind. Use your own spin speed and don’t let bad feeling ruin your game.

8. Know when to quit.

Our first tip was to set a goal. A goal could also be a time. If you still have some money, but it seems like an endless game you should also set a goal for the money you spend. Make sure you have a maximum budget to spend and our tip is to take the money in cash and don’t take your card.  Maybe it won’t be a little harder to get a drink or snack, but you have to take that for granted.

9. We prefer online slot machines instead of physical ones.

Fact is that online slot machines pay 5% to 19% more than other ones, and no this is not a promotion.

10. Hit and run

A smart strategy to use when you play online. It is a way of playing and there is no better or worse scenario. The principle is you win and go on to the next game, because you spread your chances. Besides the hit and run strategy it is smart to spread your chances on different machines and not put all your eggs on one basket. There is no guarantee what will be better, but a least it makes the playing more fun.

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