Today, 15 June 2022, the Gaming Authority (Ksa) officially warns against the use of role models for the first time. From 30 June 2022, stricter regulations will enter into force on the use of role models in advertising. This regulation applies not only to the online casinos, but also to the land-based casino and slot machine halls. The latter group has hardly used role models for advertising in the past. But for the sake of convenience, they are included in the regulations.

 The Dutch Gaming Authority warns  Betcity

But what is a role model?

According to the Ksa’s writing, role models are individuals who are publicly known now or in the past or individuals with whom other individuals identify or associate. Think of (former) professional athletes, actors, models and influencers. But this also includes politicians and well-known journalists.

What can you still use role models for?

An exception to the rule is the use of role models for non-gambling related activities in a local branch of a casino. Sponsorship of teams or professional athletes is also still permitted. It must be a neutral expression. For example, a logo and not an attractive bonus.

The Dutch Gaming Authority warns  Circus

Of course, this regulation does not come out of the blue. However, it is striking that the Ksa will actually check these regulations. Our expectation is that the online casinos, where this is most common, will neatly adhere to the rules. After all, they are just getting started and will not feel like warnings or fines. We are now curious how creative the marketing departments of the online casinos will become. We will continue to follow it for you!

The Dutch Gaming Authority warns  Jacks casino

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