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We all know some gambling games, but do you know the most popular online games are? And if you do, what do you know about the game?


Probably the one that comes to your mind at first, right? You see the cherries, big red number seven and the golden bell. And there is nothing weird about that, because yes they are the world’s most popular gambling games.

You start with pushing a button, pulling a handle or click on a certain ‘start’. These games are about winning a certain symbol. Or rather, a certain pattern in symbols. For example, if you have the same symbol three times, you win something. It then still depends on which icon it is and whether there are two or three next to each other in the right row.


Blackjack is game which you play with cards. It is you and the dealer (or some call it the house). The dealer pulls out two cards and gives two cards to the player. The dealer had one card up and one down. The player has to come as close to 21 as possible with his cards, but may not go over this. When the player uses his hand he quits. Now the dealer is turning the other card and the one who is as close to 21 wins.


Roulette is a game which is played with different possibilities. You have the numbers 0 – 36, even and odd, red and black, till 18, 18 and more, low, middle, high, 12 and first, second and third columns. You play on whatever you want with the coin(s) you want. Your coins will be placed on the bet you want and if all the coins are laying the dealer starts spinning the balls. The ball always turns clockwise. If the ball ends up in your figure, colour and / or other specifications you win. It depends on how many you got right and the money you have submitted.

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