At the time of writing, we can gamble online for just over 2 months. Legally, that is. But what has this brought to the online gambler?

Which online casinos now have a license?

Meanwhile, 11 casinos have a license to operate an online casino. The last one added to the list is Jacks casino, known online as That Jacks casino would start an online casino has of course been no secret. You saw that coming in recent years. Just about every (sports) event that was organized in the Netherlands was sponsored by Jack’s casino. When it comes to races in Zandvoort or Formula 1, Jack’s casino was prominently featured. After obtaining the permit, it was an easy move to change to Especially now that the land-based casinos close at 17:00, the online casinos may be able to benefit from this.

Advertisements for online gambling

But there are now also other sounds. Especially the way online casinos advertise. If you hear how much advertising budget has already been spent in the first 2 months, even the Albert Heijn gets the hiccups. Betcity started with Andy van der Meijde. Jacks casino now starts campaigns with Rafael van der Vaart and Robert Doornbos. All well-known names, with the online casinos hoping to attract an audience.

Online Gambling Kansspelautoriteit Netherlands Cruks

The response of the advertising code committee

Meanwhile, the advertising code committee has decided that online casinos may only advertise from 21:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning. This applies to advertisements on TV as well as on the internet. Also, only 3 advertisements of a maximum of 30 seconds may be shown on TV per commercial break. The tone of the advertisements is also limited. It is no longer possible to respond to the world of children and young people and to no longer advertise to schools, amusement parks, addiction institutions and hospitals.

Also casino bonuses to persuade people to switch to a certain provider may no longer be advertised and may not be offered to young adults between 18 and 24 years. They may also not exceed € 250,-

The Central Register exclusion of games of chance

And then of course there is also Cruks (Central Register Exclusion of Games of Chance). This registration is active as of 1 October. All casinos in the Netherlands, both the online casinos and the land-based casinos must register its visitors and check that they do not prevent the register. This involves trial and error. The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has made a bad start itself. The result, all casinos have to remove their guests who registered between October 1 and 20. As a result, guests register again, which leads to a lot of frustration. The Ksa itself had made a mistake with the Cruks codes. Of course, the casino industry has never had an excuse.

Which online casinos make the best impression to date?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. It depends on what you as a player find important. Is that a casino bonus? Or do you prefer a good range of games? Some rightly look at the bonus conditions first.

We expect that the game offer of all casinos will be fairly similar over time. So with a mix of slots, classic slots, live casino and sports betting. We also expect that the online casinos that also offer sports betting will eventually perform best. Dutch players like to gamble on sports matches. At least that is clear. The online casinos that have made the best impression on us so far are Holland casino, Toto, Betcity, Jacks and Fair Play.

Will there be more online casinos?

Another question that concerns us is which online casinos are going to storm the Dutch online casino market. And do they still have a chance? We think this is going to be quite difficult. Of course, a number of large online casinos will apply for a license, but we expect the market to be fairly saturated by the end of 2022. This is partly due to the strict rules in the Netherlands. Other countries are less strict. We are going to keep a close eye on this development.

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