October 1, 2021, history would be made in the Dutch online casino market. From that day on, it was the intention that Dutch players could legally gamble online. However, things turned out differently. Due to technical problems at the Gaming Authority, this has been postponed. Very annoying of course for the companies that have been working on the launch of their online casino for months. Initially, 10 gambling companies received a Dutch license from the Gaming Authority (Ksa).

Of those 10 companies, only 4 are Dutch companies. These are Holland casino, the Nederlandse Loterij (Toto), Fairplay and Betcity. We think that’s a bit disappointing. We had expected Jack’s casino and Gran casino as well. These will still receive a permit in the coming weeks or months. We notice that the Ksa has very strict conditions and that gambling companies are struggling to meet the requirements.

The foreign parties that have received a license are GG Poker, Batavia casino, Bet365, Bingoal, Tombola and Livescore Malta. But what will Dutch players do who have been playing in an online casino ‘abroad’ for years? Do these change tack to an online casino with a Dutch license or do they continue to gamble abroad. We’re going to follow that in the coming months. The fact is that the Ksa will do everything to make gambling in the Netherlands ‘safe’. They will also do everything in their way to keep out the foreign providers and impose fines if they are in violation.

What we have noticed is that a number of online casinos have stopped accepting Dutch players. These are online casinos that are probably afraid of a fine. What is also striking is that a number of online casinos do not stop accepting Dutch players at all and just continue with that. We are curious how long this goes well.

Our first impression:

What is immediately noticeable is that creating an account is a nice job. Especially if you look at how this goes with the foreign providers. There is a lot of demand to be allowed to create an account at all. We are now used to sending an ID proof, but indicating your playing limit per day and per month is really new to us. This also applies to the indication of the playing time.

Furthermore, we find new online casinos to look a lot less ‘slick’. It’s even a little boring. The sites are also not running well yet. Games get stuck, you get thrown out occasionally and then have to log in again. We assume these kinds of problems will be solved quickly.

Legal gambling in the Netherlands online casino bonus

What is nice to see is that Betcity is very committed to sports betting. We think this could be a formidable competitor to the Toto. Holland casino puts a lot of money, but initially on the casino games and casino bonuses.

At the time of writing, other providers are not yet online. We will keep you informed and will soon, when all casinos are online, once again give our independent many.

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