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We think that everyone knows the old skool Street Fighter game. We played it a lot in the past. And we liked it! Now Netent has blown this video game on the markets. They are taking you back to 1991 with this one. For some of you it’ll seem like only yesterday. For others, you might not even have been born! But all of you will love the feel of this slot, which is based on what is arguably the greatest fighting game of all time.

This game is loaded with Wilds. Each high-value symbol in a winning combination gives you one point. Collect 7 or more points, and the Wild Combo feature is activated, randomly placing Wild symbols on the reels, and giving you a chance to win big! It’s time to finally answer the question: who is the best street fighter? You can find all the casinos which has this game on our casino page!

This Netent game remains one of the all-time classic and is a shining example of a video slot. The RTP of this game is 96,09%

Street Fighter II online casino game free spins new bonus


We always loved to play this video games, and we love to play this game in the online casinos as well. You have to try it yourself. It’s quick but also old skool.