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Many people have seen Narcos. The popular Netflix serie is also a big hit in the online gambling industry. This Netent production has a lot of nice features that you all be loving. It will be n all time favorite for all the players who have seen this serie. Careful amigo! Narcos video slot™ is a game filled with characters who live in a world of danger, fast money and all manner of vices. Keep your head down, because these guys don’t mess around. There’s no rest for the wicked. If you really are willing to dip your feet into the dark underworld of 1970s Colombia, where Pablo Escobar reigned supreme, then by all means, give this slot a spin. Vaya con dios! You can find all the casinos which has this game on our casino page!

Narcos is realistic and has great features !

This Netent game is available in a lot of online casinos!. The RTP of this game is 96,23%

Narcos online casino game free spins bonus


If you have seen the serie Narcos, you have to play this game. You’ll love this. With a high RTP it also can be attractive to play this game. You can find this game in a lot of online casinos.