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In just over a month it will be legal to visit an online casino in the Netherlands. On October 1st, online casinos with a Dutch license can aim themselves to the Dutch players. Until now, it was forbidden to gamble online in the Netherlands. Not that it didn’t happen, but it wasn’t allowed. The Dutch online casino market is new and we are curious how this will develop.

About 28 casino companies have applied for a license. The question, of course, is whether they will get the permit all and whether they will get it on time. Casino companies that we will almost certainly see again are Holland casino, the Toto, Jack’s  casino and Fairplay. In addition, we will see a number of well-known and large foreign parties.

The question is whether all Dutch players who already gamble online abroad are waiting for the providers with a Dutch license. Yes, it is legal and safe, but perhaps the players abroad have long since received a VIP status at one of the many casinos. And they are going to give up these kinds of benefits for an online casino with a Dutch license. These online casinos have quite a few restrictions compared to online casinos with a different license. No, you’re not officially allowed to play there, but of course it’s already happening.

The new online casinos will soon be very limited in, for example, the bonuses in combination with free spins. What is allowed together as a foreign casino is not allowed in the Netherlands. The gaming authority is very strict and is well-founded in the interests of the gambler. That policy is also reflected in the  land-based  casinos and slot machine halls. From 1 October, they will also have to deal with Cruks  (Central Register for exclusion of games of chance).

Of course, it remains about how the online casinos with a Dutch license will persuade the players to play with them. There should be no sprinkled on casino bonuses and free spins. Will people then look at the game offer? That is possible, but we see that the game offer at many online casinos is quite the same. One can distinguish one’s way through a good live casino and perhaps sports betting. As far as sports betting, the Toto of course has a street length ahead of all new providers. Unfair competition? Yes and no. Competing against the state is always tricky. Holland casino, but also Jack’s  casino and Fairplay will do everything to get the visitors of the land-based  casinos enthusiastic about their online casino.

The Dutch online casino market is going to start from the 1st of October 2021

And the latter will also be an interesting development. How many players will make the ‘transition’ from the offline world to the online world? Perhaps the youthful player who will find it all easier and prefers to play from home. We’re going to experience it. In the end, the experience remains different when you look at the offline game offer and the online game offer.

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