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You may have already noticed: Darts is suddenly everywhere.
On television, during the news, online, on social media… Darts keep chasing you. The sport seems to have been completely transformed from café sport to a real competitive sport. There are now an estimated 50 million players worldwide.

The sport rivals such sports as MMA and boxing in popularity and prize money, with the PDC World Darts Championship winner taking home £ 500,000! This sport is one of the most watched sports in the world, with no less than four million people watching the world championship in 2019, where 96 darts players competed against each other.

Darts pdc van Gerwen Price Wright Smith Anderson

This is probably largely due to the new image of the darts sport. It used to be not uncommon for the players to have a beer between throws. In addition, a cigarette was lit regularly. In the meantime, this sport has become much more professional. Alcohol and cigarettes were banned. The sport seems to have left the cafe once and for all.

Once the sport had shaken off its drunken image, the television deals came. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide follow tournaments on the BBC or other national television station. Darts seems made for the television screen. Every year the number of viewers increases by 25%!

Another big explanation for the rise of darts is the online casino trend. Online casinos have become very popular in recent years. One of the reasons why these types of websites are doing so well is sports betting. Darts is no exception here. After all, betting on darts is one of the fastest growing markets within the entire casino.

This sport is not quite as big as football or tennis. Not yet. What is certain: the number of players, the prize money, the viewership of major tournaments, it is all on the rise. It is therefore the ideal time to start following the sport. There is always an important game to follow.

The advance of darts is unprecedented. Who knows where the sport is going in the future? Will the sport continue to grow in popularity or is it just hype? The figures are currently continuing to rise sharply

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