The Formula 1 season 2022-2023 is already a number of races on the way. What is of course striking is the strong start of the Ferrari team, but also the disappointing result of the Mercedes team. But the season is still long and anything can happen. What is nice to see is the resurrection of Ferrari. Of course, they let the previous season run to fully focus on this season. And that certainly pays off. Play online Gaming is therefore very curious how long it will take before the other teams get things in order. And whether they’re going to make it at all. Max Verstappen has also started unhappily. With 2 failures it is of course not pleasant.

What F1 sports bonuses are there?

As you know from other sports, you can bet on almost anything. This is also the case with Formula 1. The online casinos are well catered for this. The popularity of Formula 1 is of course enormous since the successes of Max Verstappen. But which sports bonuses do you encounter in the online casinos? Well actually quite a lot to be honest. Of course you can bet on who wins the match. The odds for the winner are almost all the same. In addition to the winner, you can also bet on who makes the first pit stop or who drops out first. The funniest we think is that you bet on the first dropout.

Formula 1 car

The Formula 1 season is long:

The Formula 1 season is longer that year than other years. Of course, this was a commercial consideration. The riders are not very happy with it. They still have many (sponsor) obligations around a race weekend. The full program can be seen here:

20 March 2022           –           Bahrain GP

27 March 2022           –           GP Saudi Arabia

10 April 2022              –           Australian GP

24 April 2022              –           GP Emilia- Romagna (Italy)

8 May 2022                 –           GP Miami

22 May 2022               –           GP Spain

29 May 2022               –           GP Monaco

12 June 2022              –           AZERBAIJAN GP

19 June 2022              –           GP Canada

3 July 2022                  –           GP Great Britain

10 July 2022                –           GP Austria

24 July 2022                –           GP France

31 July 2022                –           GP Hungary

28 August 2022          –           GP Belgium

4 September 2022      –           GP Netherlands

11 September 2022    –           GP Monza (Italy)

2 October 2022           –           GP Singapore

9 October 2022           –           GP Japan

23 October 2022        –           GP USA

30 October 2022        –           GP Mexico

13 November 2022     –           GP Brazil

20 November 2022     –           GP Abu Dhabi

Is the venom back in the tail?

The last race is on November 20 in Abu Dhabi. Will this edition have such an exciting end as in 2021 where Lewis Hamilton was beaten on the last lap by Max Verstappen. It doesn’t look like that yet. Lewis Hamilton has a poor start to the season and Charles Leclerc is already a lot of points ahead of him. But as said before, the season is still long and a lot can happen. For the race fans it is of course nice if the decision to win the world title is decided in the last race weekend. 

What do we think of the bookmaker bonuses of the online casinos?

What is striking is that new Dutch online casinos with sports betting almost all respond to the popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands. Foreign, for Dutch players, illegal online casinos do that much less. There it is really looking for a Formula 1 bookmaker bonus. What is also striking is that many Dutch online casinos use the same sports betting provider. Kambi is a widely used platform for this. The disadvantage of this is that the odds are almost the same everywhere. A distinction is made with, for example, an odds booster or a certain amount that you can bet freely. If you receive these offers if you have an account, take advantage of them. It can just give you a nice amount.

When the fun stops

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